about nexter canada

nexter systems has been in the defence industry for over 400 years. it takes pride in its established track record of delivering high-quality, state of the art equipment on time and on budget to customers around the world. every year, nexter invests 16% of its annual profits in research and development making it a technological leader in the defence industry.

in canada, nexter has significant experience working with the canadian forces. in 1994, the canadian army acquired a fleet of 28 lg1 105 mm guns and a second generation ammunition system from nexter (then giat industries). with the sale of these guns, the transfer of technology from nexter to canada was completely successful.

building canadian partnerships

nexter canada has an experienced team with strong expertise integrated and augmented by key canadian partners. the company is committed to ensuring a strong industrial and regional benefits (irb) package as part of its involvement in the ccv competition.

part of nexter�s strength derives from strong strategic partnerships and experience at making these relationships successful and long-term. consistent with canada�s irb program, nexter�s export philosophy encourages technology transfer through production in the customer country. in addition, nexter is committed to ensuring that the lifecycle support for its products is provided in canada by canadians. and where there are opportunities to do so, nexter will use canadian suppliers to build and service nexter products in other markets around the world as part of its global value chain.

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